Mar 2 09

An upcoming Strawbs tour is promoted on this show as well as a couple of rare discoveries are featured. Thanks to Dave Lambert from the Strawbs and Fire for the promos! Oh and Lindsay Sorrell too! !!!You might need to turn the volume up- especially for the promos. This was the first show I had to record from home and couldnt use the mixer at the station!!!

Dave Lambert from Fire talking about the Magic Shoemaker
Fire - Magic Shoes
Cane and Able - Girl You Move Me
Sugar Loaf - Time is Tight
Dick Campbell - Don Juan of the Western World
- Approximately Four Minutes of Feeling Sorry For D.C.
- Aphrodites Child
The Contents Are - Country Roads
Kate - Don't Make A Sound
Family Dogg - I Wonder
Onion Radio News - swelling herds of hippies
Freddy Cannon - Do What the Hippies Do
Colours - Brother Lou's Love Colony
Groupies - Primitive
Barney Pip - Let It All Hang Out
Blues Five --5,6,7,8
Ellie Greenwich - I Want You to be my Baby
Dick Curless - Drag 'Em Off the Interstate, Sock it to 'em
Fresh Maggots - Rosemary Hill
Strawbs - Where is this Dream of Your Youth
Dave Lambert- Strawbs promo
Strawbs - We'll Meet Again sometime