March 14 07

Took me 2 days to put this together so I hope you like it.
Thanks to you people for all your kind emails. It shows me how attentive and perceptive you are.
Next week a 3 hr show- will try to get more longer rocking and psych tracks on
that we usually dont get around to. Also we are working on your being able to
download the shows off the website, so you can listen in your Ipods. Stand by for that feature.
In the meantime, I wish you all the very best and may the souls of a thousand flourescent
paisley leeches transform your mind into a blissful psychedelic listening experience
as you encroach upon Nirvana!!!


Greatest Show on Earth- Magic Woman Touch
a brief appearance by Rita -stupid me- punched it in it by accident, but made the most of it-LOL
Chocolate Watch Band - I'm Not Everybody Else
Tuneful Trolley - Sunny Days
Jan & Lorraine - Break Out the Wine
Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs - Bottle of Wine
The Robbs - Last of the Wine
Caravan - Winter Wine
Pete Best promo
Adventures in Plasticland promo
Barclay James Harvest - Taking Some Time On
Timebox - Beggin'
Chocolate Watch Band - She Weaves a Tender Trap
Cliff Belcher promo
Chesterfield Kings - My Canary is Yellow
Chesterfield Kings- She Told Me Lies
Hoppi & the Beau Heams - I Missed My CLoud
Ronnie Dawson - Hoodlum
Teenage Head - Picture My Face
rant about jail- LOL
Gordon Lightfoot - Sit Down Young Stranger
Cathy Young - 3 billion Lovers
Delaney and Bonnie - I Can't Take It Much Longer
thanks to you fans
Ian Matthews - If You Saw Through My Eyes
Moody Blues - Melancholy Man
Moody Blues - concert promo
Moody Blues - Coke Commercial
The Smoke - I Wanna Make it with You
Atle Yeager - I wanna be ALone With You