March 12 2008

ALL GARAGE !!!! tonight for you garage lovers including a mini Liverpool theme set inspired by an email from Lenny Helsing from the Thanes! or as I remember them --the Thanes of Cawdor , G'day to you Lenny! hey you should have kept that first name- there were lots of bands called the Thanes but your name stood out. Besides it sounds creepy. What the hell is a Cawdor, anyway? LOL

Hope you all enjoy the show!!

The Wyld - If I Had It
Trolls - There Was a Time
Seeds of Reason - I'm Your True Love
What's Left - Girl Said No
Sherlocks - Skin of My Teeth
Lord & His Barons - Foolish Lies
Jerks - I'm Leaving You
Vaqueros - Growing Pains
Underprivileged - You Hurt Me
Mod VI - What Can I do?
Missing Links - I Cried Goodbye
Liverpool Five - She's Mine
- Picadilly Line
promo for Liverpool Five
- The Snake
Pete Best Four - Why Did I Fall in Love with You?
Pete Best promo for Psychedelic Pete
fan converses about Pete
Twilighters - Girl from Liverpool
Famen - Crackin ' Up
Jackie Lomax - Going Back to Liverpool
Outsiders - Guy with the Long Liverpool Hair
Voanda - Liverpool
Bojax - Hippie Times
Tol Puddle Martyrs - Time Will Come
Strawberry Alarm Clock - In Relation to our times
Twilights - You Got Soul
Nashville Teens - What You Gonna Do?
Bark of Paper Mulberry - Get Yourself Together
Poets - Surrealistic Rain
The Emperor - I'm Normal
Screaming Joe Neal - Rock and Roll Deacon
Canned Heat - Don't Forget to Boogie