March 5 08

Today is one of my daughters birthdays. Ashleigh is 11. Happy Birthday Ashleigh!!! OOps I forgoty to mention it on the air and put a song out to her. OMG!! O well it was a busy day and my mind is overactive these days. I get distracted very easily.
Tonights show is very strong musically. I highly recommend this show.
And thanks to Evelyn May Kerr who is managing the Savage Ressurection.

Children of Darkness - She's Mine
Meri Wilson - Peter the Meter Reader
Flyte Reaction - Warm Golden Glows
Family - Bolero Babe
Savage Resurrection - Every Little Song
Savage Resurrection - Talking to You
CCR - Wrote a Song for Everyone
Doors - Wild Child
Barri & the Breakaways - Women
King George Discovery - Motorcycle
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Inconstant Wisdom
Ken Nordine- Burgundy
Troggs - Surprise Surprise ( I Need You)
Poother Unltd. - Tastee freeze
Undisputed Truth - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Don Covay - You Got Me On the Critical List
Rolling stones - Rice Krispies
Gary Farr - Breakfast Boog-a- Loo
Doug Brown & the Omens - Bob Griffin Campaign Song - Youth and Experience
Beat Farmers - Happy Boy
Tim Rose - Come Away , Melinda
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - Road to Cairo
Khan - Stranded Effervescent Psychonovel
Ravelles - Psychedelic Movement
Canned Heat - Dont Forget to Boogie - new show ending from the end of Fried Hockey Boogie