June 13 2007

Another Birthday Beatles Covers show! Lots of good stuff - some I guarantee you haven't heard before!
Unfortunatly there are a few moments where I get a bit rattled with a faulty cd player in the studio.
I'm 53 now and still bringing you the rarest music on the planet! Keep on listening!
All the best to you listeners out there!
May the souls of a thousand phlourescent leeches shine brightly on your pathway!



World of Oz - Peter's Birthday
Dave the Rave and Hi Fi Tim from Topshelf Oldies Station
Tomorrow - Strawberry Fields Forever
Jeff Lynne and Anoushka Shankar - The Inner Light
String Driven Thing - Things We Said Today
rant with Stephanie
Peter Sellers - She Loves You
Nina Simone - Here Comes the Sun
Chad Mitchell Trio - She Loves You
Pete Best promo
Magical Mystery promo
Harry Nilsson - You Can't Do That
Nancy Sinatra - Run For Your Life
Peter Sellers _ Can't Buy Me Love
Alex Chilton - I'm So tired
Beatle Barkers - I Saw Her Standing There
Ray Ruff & the Checkmates - Beatle Maniacs
Ringo- talking about Hard days night
Johnny Rivers - Hard Day's Night
Dick Lord -  Like Ringo
Standells and Munsters - Come on and Ringo
Wildfang - Like Ringo
Bill Deal and the Rhondells - Hey Bulldog
Buckinghams - I'll Be Back
Spooky Tooth - I Am The Walrus
Mirage - Tomorrow Never Knows
Head Shop - Revolution
Settlers - Nowhere Man
Allman Bros - Rain
Spencer Davis Group- Norwegian Wood
Patti Smith - Within You Without you
Ambrosia - Magical Mystery tour
Pete Best
Newbeats - Help
George Harrison- Yellow submarine promo
by mistake I replayed Chad Mitchell again
Sweet Younguns - She Loves You
various goodbyes from the Beatles