June 26 2010

Welcome back folks!!! and me too--LOL The other station CKMS is basically off the air now and it took me several months to get a spot on CKWR. So there have been huge holes in the website this past year. Also I had a rough year and couldn't get things done. But we're OK now and everything is GROOVY!!!! This is my first show back on CKWR FM where it all started back in 1975. I went to CKMS in 2002. I have a new side kick tonight for as long as he wants to come up on a Friday night.He goes by the nae of Juke Joint Johnny. His real name is John Balge and he is a music expert whom I've known since about 1968. The show starts at midnight on Fridays and goes till 2 am. You can listen live on the CKWR website. If you do please call us at 519- 886-9878. You will also notice the sound is Much BETTER than the other station because the boards have better processing. ok here is the track list:

Jimi Hendrix - Up From the skies
Monkees - Words
Fifth Flight - Sugar Mountain
Wildfire - Don't Look For me
Harvey Mandel - Morton Groove Mama
Kim Fowley - Other side of the sun
The Moffs - Another Day in the Sun
Elmer City Rambling Dogs - I Been Drinkin'
Hot Poop - Fast Cars n' Chicks
Gilbert Shelton Ensemble - Hell's Angel (with the Conqueroo)
Sir Frog and the Toads - The Frog
Shannon Cannon - Right Back
Bittersweets - Hurtin' Kind
Hugh Masekela - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Crosby Stills Nash - You Don't Have to Cry
Moody Blues and Traffic misplayed- bad cd
El Ritual - Conspiracion
Mourning Fogg - Big Boss Man
Swamp Salad - Swamp Salad
Garage Grooves AD - Thompson Organ Donation
Trix - Wham Bam Alakazam
Tommy roe - Jack and Jill
Electric Frankenstein -
Burning Red Ivanhoe - 2nd Floor Croydon