June 25 2011

I used the same beginning as last week cause i thought i lost the show, but we recovered it from the logger- some great
stand out tunes on this show to check out- i like the Dick Treadway, the Art Boys, Pink Mice, Ray Owen, and a great
bubblegum finish- notice all the bubblegum titles - all songs with just silly syllables.

This Show is dedicated to LORI HEER who passed away this last week.

mick farren - society of the horseman
Damin Eih, A.l.k & Brother Clark - Return Naked
Dicky treadway - one to ten
art boys collection- happy woman
stoned wall
savoy brown - i'm crying
5th order - a thousand devils chasing me
sound laboratory - 21st century girl
danes - to make me a man
pozo seco singers - i can make it with you
the pink mice - fur elise
jeff barry - hip couple
the visions - cigarette
grateful dead - caution do not step on the tracks
jefferson airplane - how do you feel
phil ochs promo
kevin ayers - guru banana
the monotones - something's hurting me
tony ritchie - anybody at the party seen jenny
ray owen's moon - free man
- hey sweetie
gram parsons - sing me back home
wet willie - keep on smilin'
poco - keep on tryin'
changing colours - da-da - da- da-da
the countdown five - shaka shaka na na
hungry tiger - fee fi fo fum
ohio express - ooh la la
central park west - sweets for my sweet
the lost souls - piece of mind
freddie king - hideaway