Jun 23 2012

little did i know when i did this show that 3 weeks later i would meet the singer for Savage Grace. Al was only 18 yrs old when he did their incredible version of All along the Watchtower! Alos check out one of the most beautiful folk ballads that we have ever played- Judee Sill, The Donor. An inspiring tune. And for a real mind treat there is always Orange Juice and Velvet Underwear by Intersystems from 1967. It has to be one of the weirdest records from that year!

calliope - california dreaming
fickle pickle - california calling
the yankee dollar - follow your dreams away
savage grace - all along the watchtower
senor & koss - mystery train
orange alabaster mushroom- rainbow man
gordon lightfoot - crossroads
dickey betts - rain
santa fe - tag of an indian summer
dandelions - it;s a long way to heaven
edgar broughton band - dawn crept away
the weight - disillusion #1
edgar broughton - thinking of you
white duck (feat john hiatt) - don't mix with politics
sam lay blues band- maggie's farm
w.c. fields memorial string band- hippy elevator operator
deep purple - fireball
grand funk railroad - inside looking out
judee sill - the donor
violet sedan chair - long list of lovers
intersystems - orange juice and velvet underwear
finnegan & wood - tend to your own business
shig&buzz - s.p.e.c.t.r.e.