Jun 16 2012

Vinyl Kings - Chocolate Cake
John the Revelator - John the Revelator
The Chris Stamey Experience - McCauley street (Let's Go Downtown)
Creepy John Thomas - Standing in the Sunshine
Fleetwood Mac - Danny's Chant
Savoy Brown - I'm Tired
John The Revelator - Homework
Dave Clark Five - She's A Loving Girl
The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
The Beatmakers - My Situation
Kinky Friedman - Sold American
Kinky Friedman - Men's Room L.A.
One in a Million - Double Sight
One in a Million - No Smokes
Mother Sunday - Midnight graveyard
Casey Jones & the Governors - Don't Ha Ha
Stark Reality - Junkman's Blues
Birth Control - Sundown
Eiliff - Byrd-Night of the Seventh day
Hopney - Is There a Doctor in the House
Rich Mountain tower- Whalin' Man
Jerry Jeff Walker - Harmonica Talk
Sage & Seer - Farewell St. John
Condello - Keep it inside
Tommy Roe- Stir it up and Serve It
Golliwogs - Brown- Eyed Girlk