June 11 2008

Beatles Birthday Show

Here it is again. Another Birthday. Time for some rare Beatle cover tunes. Sorry about last weeks show. The recording of it cut out on me. Damn Computer!
Anyway I have some extremely rare tunes for you all tonight. Along with some artists you know of course. IT is my 54th birthday. Time is travelling along. Hope you enjoy the show!

World of Oz - Peter's Birthday (intro)
Pop FiveMusic Inc. - Birthday
Pete Best promo
Autumn - Day Tripper
Beatles clip- smokin FBI members
Johnny Rivers - Run For Your Life
Elton John - Come and Get It
Mrs. Miller - Yellow Submarine
Yellow Sub promo
Better Beatles - Baby You're a Rich Man
Delmonas - Twist and Shout
Weight - A Day in the Life
Weight - Something
Life - (a) Sweet Lovin' (b) Strawberry Fields
KLIF concert promo
Tremeloes - Good Day Sunshine
Help promo
Rutles - Children of Rock n' Roll
Love Sculpture - Inner Light
Mirage - Tomorrow Never Knows
Alan Lorber Orchestra - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
L'Infonie - She's Leaving Home
Quartetto 1111 - Ode to the Beatles
Paul is dead
Hawk - Here Comes the Sun
Malachi - Eleanor Rigby
Robyn Hitchcock - For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
Truth - Girl
Johnny Rivers - Hard Day's Night