Jun 09 2012

Beatle Birthday Special

Songs either covering Beatle tunes or about the Beatles or sounding like the Beatles!! This is a can't miss show!!! Wait til you hear the Vinyl Kings and other discoveries such as Terry Manning and David Grahame!
This show kicks ASS and I think you will want to return to it over and over whenever you're working on your computer.

James Lowe intro
Simpsons Happy Birthday feat. Ramones
Underground sunshine -Birthday
Rev. Floyd Hazen
Lowell Fulsom - Why Don't We Do It In The Road--going out to my brother Pete
Jan & Dean - Norwegian Wood
Status Quo - Get Back
Dwight Twilley = You're Going to Lose that Girl
Bugs Bunny & Friends - Penny Lane
David Grahame - Love is out There
Vinyl Kings - A Little Trip
Terry Manning - Savoy Truffle
The Head Shop - Revolution
Electric Amish - I Want to Hold Your Hand
Pete Best = Grey River
Pete Best promo
Tall Dwarfs - Meet The Beatle
Vinyl Kings - Mind Over Matter
Charles River Valley Boys - Yellow Submarine
Neil Sheppard - You can't go far without a guitar (unless you're Ringo Starr)
R. Dean Taylor - My Lady Bug Stay Away from that Beatle Bug
Sonny Curtis - a Beatle I Want To Be
Vernon Girls - We Love the Beatles
Ike & Tina Turner - Come Together
Al Green - I Want to Hold Your Hand
Humble Pie - We Can Work It Out
Joy Unlimited - All Together Now
Tempest -Paperback Writer
Denny Doherty - Here Comes the Sun
Mercy & Love - Hey Jude
Brinsley Schwarz - Day Tripper
Petula Clark - Rain
Claudine Longet - Something
London Jazz Four - Please Please Me