Jun 01 2012

Featuting 3 new releases by Dr. John and Joey Ramone. Also surf, instrumentals, garage , psych , blues rock , rare country rock, psych folk,prog psych, and regular rock . A Kinks feature as well. Enjoy

Dick Dale - intro
Surf Ramblers - Surf Beat
Link Wray - Comanche
Dr. John - Locked Down
Dr. John - Revolution
Joey Ramone - Rock 'n Roll is the Answer
Joey Ramone - There's Got to be more to Life
The Stomach Mouths - Keep on Looking
Crimson Shadows - You can't Come Down
The Midways - She Gives It Up
The Kinks - There's A Change in the Weather
The Kinks - Money & Corruption/I Am Your Man
The Kinks - Preservation
Cool Jerks - Ich sitz Aue'm Sofa (Sitting 0n My Sofa)
Oklahoma - Piece of my Life
Zephyr - I Am Not Surprised
Ashman Reynolds - Long Long Road
Brown Dust - Photograph
Graham Bond - Hoochie Coochie Man
Pig Iron - Neighbour Neighbour
Herman' s Hermits - It's Alright Now
Gold Stars - Submarine
Juicy Lucy - Nadine
Fairfield Sky - Silver tavern
Jody Grind - 1. One Step On (18:47)
- a. In My Mind
- b. Nothing At All
- c. Interaction
- d. Paint It Black