July 23 08

This show has a few dedications going out to the gang at Garage grooves- a show on CFUV FM in Victoria B.C. every Friday night starting at 11 oclock EST or 8 oclock PST - great show! check it out- I do every week. Hey Ive been getting more emails from listeners lately! Keep it up! I enjoy the encouraging words and feedback. I know that most of you tuen in for the garage but are always surprised by the other stuff I play. AND - you seem to like it - so if I cant turn you on to all the sounds of the 60s and early 70s - well then --COOL!!! And a special thanks to LORD CHEDDA who makes the show interesting and different. Does anyone else ever feature a live psychedelic soul rap? ONLY HERE BABY!!! LOLL

Doug Riley - Savin' Grace - with Lord Chedda freestyling
Georgia Soul Twisters - You shot me (through the grease)
Davey Allen and the Arrows - Devil's Angels
Seeds - A Thousand Shadows
Los Young Beats - Not Fade Away
Larry Norman and People - I Love You
Iain Matthews - Thro' My Eyes
Keef Hartley Band - Roundabout
Teen Counsellors - from Garage Grooves
Bobby Fuller Four - Jenny Lee
Sick Rose - Everybody Wants to Know- original version from vinyl
Denims - Salty Dog Man
Psychedelic Psnack- Five Americans - Evol Not Love
tony and Terry - I Want You
Ken Nordine - Suede
Trailer Park Boys - Bible Salesman
Mrs. Miller - Green Tambourine
Partridge Family - Money , Money
Hawk - The Rolling of the Bones
Dragonfly Spot
Front Page News - Thoughts
Watermelon Slim promo
Federal Duck - Peace In My Mind
Listening - Laugh at the Stars
Captain Beyond - Raging River of Fear
Electrified People - One thousand dimensions in Blue