July 20 2006

I think this is one of my best shows ever.
See what you think.

Sonny Bono - I just sit there
Saffron Sect- All Leads Back to You
Charles Page and the Rocking Aces- You Been to School
KJR - Pat Day clip- Mitch Ryder - Devil with the blue dress on
Dave Clark 5 - Dr. Rhythm
Electric Love - This seat is saved
Ringo- anti drug spot
Phycle - Yesterday's Obsesssion * (it is spelled this way-phycle)Pacemaker label
Ed Sanders - Jimmy Joe the Hippybilly Boy -(going out to Jimmy Grace-lol)
Chris Dreja -promo for PPUF
Troyka - Berry Picking
Dedikation -Ruby Tuesday
Flyte - Brain Damage
Chain Gang Women
Stone Circus -People I once Knew