July 18 2007


Well judging by the calls during the show, it must have been a good one. I played CCR at the end of the show and Kozmic Jim says his brother was at the John Fogerty concert in Ottawa at that very moment. And today I got an email that said John played that very same song I played- Keep On Chooglin'. !! I am surprised he would do that in concert. Mostly you just get the hits.
Anyway my web stats are way up again this month. There is something in each show for a wide variety of psychedelic and other 60's listeners, so thanks for tuning in. !!!


Strawbs - Autumn (Heroines Theme/Deep summer's Sleep/The Winter Long--*such an inspiring piece of music-Pete
Tol-Puddle Martyrs - Psychout U.S.A.
                              Social Cell
                             The Better Cause
Rock and Roll Quotes
Pretty Things - Rosalyn
E-Types - Put the Clock Back on the Wall
Groundhogs - B.D.D.
The Next Morning - The Next Morning
Wally - Valley Gardens
Parlour Band - Pretty haired Girl
Iron Butterfly - Flowers and Beads
Troggs - Give It To Me
Box Tops - Choo Choo Train
Grass Roots - Temptation Eyes
Human Beinz - Nobody But Me
Knightsbridge - Make me Some Love
Cicadelics - We're Gonna Love This Way
High Dials promo
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Keep On Chooglin'