July 13 2006

WOW! Just got back from a Yardbirds concert! AMAZING!
And a friendly bunch of guys too! Quite accomodating to everyone!
Sorry about the shortened Syd Barrett tribute- the programmer before
me (DJ DumbAss) warned me there were some technical problems.
Fortunately that was the only song that got cut off
Also a big hello to Mike McKenna and Mike Stax

Yardbirds - Happening Ten years Time ago
Chris Dreja- radio spot for PPUF
Georgie Fame - Do the dog
talk about yardbirds show
Human Expression - Everynight
short rant on syd
Syd Barrett - Julia Dream
Rainy Daze - Blood of Oblivion
Andrew Leight - Up the USA
Capt. Beefheart - Yellow Brick Road
Ghetto Brothers - Ghetto Brothers Power
Jimmy Vick & the Victors - Take a Trip
Pretty Things - Can't Stand The Pain
Peppermint Trolley - 9 o'clock Busines Man
Mainline (formerly McKenna-Mendolson Mainline)- Get Down To
Blackstone - Aint nobody's Business
Luke & the Apostles - Been burnt
Bitter Blood Street Theatre - Ice Age Man-Portrait of Eve