Jul 13 09

Hey Check This Show Out !!!!! This show features an interview with the lead singer of the Ugly Ducklings . Dave Bingham. I rarely do interviews but this one went so well I might consider doing more. Lots of interesting stories here. These guys were the best garage band that Canada ever had!!! They tore up the Yorkville scene playing with many bands that became legendary such as Neil Young, the Sparrows(Steppenwolf), Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks (the Band), Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Paupers, etc etc Also check out the new discoveries by me of old albums by the Jackpine Savage, Jacksons Garden and Abel. Truly an amazing find!!! I'm still having equipment issues at the studio so bare with me. Hopefully in a few weeks I can resolve these. t week's theme.

Kim Fowley - The Trip
Park Avenue Playground - The Trip
Jackpine Savage - Touch
Jacksons Garden - Turn on your Lovelight
Abel - Lost Control
onion radio newz
Goodies Galore - Selfish Confusion
David Clayton Thomas & the Shays - Barbie Lee
Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'

Interview with Dave Bingham- lead singer and harp player for the Ducks

Ugly Ducklings - Gaslight
Ugly Ducklings - Just in Case You Wonder
Pet Clark car promo
Shady Daze - I'll Make You Pay
Foggy Notions - Take Me Back and Hold Me
The Lost Agency - One Girl Man
Fabs - Dinah Wants Religion
Mark & the Spies - Won't Work on Me