July 08 2011

This is an incredible show with loads of variety including some country rock gems- don't miss the band Kid Gloves!!! Also a
great 3 song set that runs together from Steppenwolf- party rock at its' best!
As well we take a look at the brilliant underrated work of psychedelic pioneer Jimmy Curtiss!

Jimmy Curtiss - Psychedelic Situation
poetic reading by Psychedelic Pete Wordsworth --LOL
The Hobbits - I'm Just A Young Man
The New Hobbits - I Could Hear the Grass Growing
Assemblage - Satisfaction
Iron Butterfly - Iron Butterfly theme
Bullfrog - L.A. Police No. 55
Arc - You're in the Garden
Bell & Arc - Keep A Wise Mind
Tony Kosinec - All Things Come From God
concert promo for Doors, Steppenwolf
Doors - Land Ho!
Steppenwolf -Lost and Found by Trial and error
- Hodge, Podge. Strained through a Leslie
Watermelon Slim promo - from Steppenwolf to Ultimate Spinach
Ultimate Spinach - Baroque #1
Strawberry Children - Love Years Coming (Jimmy Webb)
Ken Nordine - Ecru
The Pink Mice - Brandenburg Concerto
PJ Proby spot
Pj Proby - New Directions - feat Led Zeppelin
Jayne proves her theory - i think its jayne mansfield from the movie promises

Kid Gloves - Funny !!!!!!dont miss this!!!!!

Cottonwood - 50 lbs of Smile
- Cottonwood
Sassafrass --Electric Chair
Surprize --Keep on Truckin'
Man - Life on the Road
Hudson - Everybody Sing!