Wed Jan 30 2008


This show features a facet of British Pop Psych which some have labelled Toytown music. Thanks to Mark Kirk for compiling the songs for me and Mick Capewell for hosting the Marmalde Skies website which features the info and lists the top 119 Toytown tunes.
why 119? I don't know. anyway here is the link that you can read while you listen.

Also on this show is my new weekly feature called the Psychedelic Snack. This week presents the Mynah Birds featuring Neil Young back in Yorkville 1966. Yorkville was a section of Toronto that led the way musically at that time in Canada.

And we threw in a couple of Elton John tracks because of the BIG NEWS that he is playing just down the street from my house!!!!!!
Unbelievable!! Maybe I should go. Will be tough gettin a ticket because its one of only 3 appearances he is doing in North America.
WOW!!! SO he picks the Kitchener Aud? hey great! all power to you Elton- thanks for thinking of us--hehe

Track List

Rock Garden - Super stuff (1967)
Elton John - Amoreena
- Talking Old Soldier
Psych Petes Psych Psnack - featuring the Mynah Birds - It's My Time

Toytown stuff and rant

Disc One- top 24

1. Keith West - Excerpt from a Teenage Opera (Grocer Jack)
2. Bee Gees - Sir Geoffrey Saved The World
3. Timon - The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane
4. The Idle Race - I Like My Toys
5. Syn - Flowerman
6. World Of Oz - Peter's Birthday
7. Tomorrow - Auntie Mary's Dress shop
8. Alan Bown - Toyland
9. Turquoise - Tales of Flossie Fillet
10. Rupert's People - A Pro;ogue to a Magic World
11. The 23rd Turnoff - Leave Me Here
12. Hollies - Ye Olde Toffeee Shoppe
13. Kaleidoscope - Mr. Small the Watch Repair Man
14. The Herd - Our Fairy Tale
15. Kinsmen- Glass House Green, Splinter red
16. Gerry Marsden - Gilbert green
17. Timebox - Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye
18. The Move -( Here we go round ) The Lemon Tree
19. The Lemon Tree - William Chalker's Time Machine
20. Manfred Mann - My Name is Jack
21. John Bromley - Melody Fayre
22. The Mindbenders - Uncle Joe, the Ice Cream Man
23. Kinks - Tin Soldier Man
24. David Bowie - Little Bombadier

random selections from other discs till we ran out of time -check the website at Marmalde skies for the rankings and stories

Pete Dello - Harry the Earwig
Pop Workshop - Fairyland
The Bunch - Looking Glass Alice
Broken Toys - Broken Toys
KidRock - Ice Cream Man
Tomorrow - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Spencer Davis Group- After tea
Acid Gallery - Dance Round the Maypole
Mirror - Gingerbread Man
The Smoke - Victor Henry's Cool Book
Marmalade - Man in a Shop
Barnaby Rudge- Joe Organ & Co.
Vehicle - Hey Mr. Organ Grinder

ok so if you like this stuff feel free to download it at the website on Marmalde Skies- it's free unless you pay for rapidshare but can be done free if you just wait.

Have fun on Super Bowl Sunday. As I write this I just got delivered an old football game called Paydirt. It's a replay of the 1972 season which featured the undefeated Miami Dolphins. Been looking for this game for 30 years. Finally got it off Ebay. My friend Bill and I wiull have fun playing this on Super Bowl Sunday before the game starts.