Jan 24 07

informative and entertaining show

Gil Evans - Crosstown Traffic
Dreams - New York
Mamas & the Papas - Twist and Shout
Bob Kubin Band - Jerkin' Time
Four seasons - Brunswick Bowling
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers - Emuslified
Sonny & the Sequins - Baby It's All Worth While
Bocky & the Visions- promo
Bocky & the Visions - I'll Go Crazy
Rare Earth - Yesterday on Third Avenue
Movement - Combination of the Two
Grassroots - House of stone
Fuzztones - Ward 81
Lyres - Nobody But Me
Rock Shop - Goodbye Sunshine
Wimple Winch - Lollipop Minds*
Truck - Dreamseller
Rock Shop - Bad Case of Booze (Pete's Theme)
Buckwheat - Goodbye Mr. Applegate
Blades of Grass - It Isn't Easy
Flowerpot Men - Gotta Be Free
Writing On The Wall - Hill Of Dreams
Talisman - You Broke My Heart

*pick of the week - dedicated to my good friend, the Crystal Jukebox Queen