Jan 21 2012

10th ANNIVERSARY SHOW ! Well kinda . I didn't plan anything special for the show. I just realized as I was finishing the preparation for the show that it was approximately 10 yrs ago - Jan 2002- that I walked in to CKMS Studios from this station - CKWR - and got on the air that afternoon. I wanted to do my own show my own way since I was just a sidekick mostly on Adventures in Plasticland. That show is still going on CKWR on Sat midnight,with Spaceman Stan as the host. It started as Aural Sculpture back in 84 and I came in 3 months after it started, and renamed it Adventures in Plasticland. We were probably the first to combine prog rock and hard rock with the garage and psychedelic and 60s pop.I wanted to do more of the 60's stuff including soul so I started the Underground Freakout. I came back to CKWR in 2010 after CKMS was basically shut down I actually did some work for CKWR back in 76 (I printed their promotion flyers­) and had a Christian rock show for a little while. Also I did the blues show for a couple of years in the late 80s.

CHERRY SLUSH - She'll be back
RENEGADE - Never let me go
STRAY - How could I forget you
LUTHER "Snake Boy" JOHNSON - Lonesome in my bedroom
MOUSETRAP - Greenfields
UFO - Evil
DEADWOOD - That don't help me none
SUN - No cherries for Henry
AZURITE - Howard Christman's older
O.P.M.C. - The Head
DANTA - Queen of Sheba
APPLE PIE MOTHERHOOD BAND - I just want to make love to you
PAUL NICHOLAS - Lamplighter
MUSIC CONVENTION - Footsteps of my mind
LENNY GAINES - The Coney Island Parade
THE AGE OF REASON - This wheel's on fire
STEEL MILL - Get on the line
KIRK ST. JAMES - Tears I cry
LEGS - So many faces
HAWKWIND - Hurry on Sundown