Jan 19 09

Patrick Mcgoohan is dead! So we start with a little tribute to one of my all time fave actors.

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man
Prisoner Theme
Nancy Sinatra - Last of the Secret Agents
Greer - All I Need
Monkees - Sometimes in the Morning
Monkees - Japanese promo for Head lp
Monkees - Porpoise Song
Tommy James - commercial for Real Girl
Tommy James & the Shondells - I am a Tangerine
Tigermen - Tigergirl
Paul Revere & the Raiders - Ballad of a Useless Man
Listening Post
Wylde Heard - Stop it Girl
Damnation of Adam Blessing - Back to the River
Dark - Maypole
D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains
concert promo
Jeff Beck - Rice Pudding
Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds - Don't Pull Your Love
Joe Frank & the Knights - Can't Find A Way
Thunder & Roses - Country Life
Neil Young promo
Neil Young - If I Could Have Her Tonight
Tiffany Shade- Would You Take My Mind Out for a Walk