Jan 19 2006

Psyche/Garage Primary Show- kind of an introduction to this music
for new fans

I played a lot of stuff that people liked on this show-
a tremendous response! maybe I'll have play the hits more often
-just a note - yes I did screw up the intro again-LOL

1.Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sassafrass
2.Amboy Dukes - Journey to the centre of your mind
3. Chambers Bros. - Time HaS cOME tODAY
4. " -LP Promo Spot
5. Blues Magoos - We Ain't got nothin yet
6 " - Great Shakes Spot
7. Electric Prunes - Wah Wah
8 " -I had to much to dream last night
9 Magic Mushrooms - It's a Happening
10.Balloon Farm - A Question of Temperature
11. Guess Who - Clock on the Wall
12. Smith - Baby It's You
13. Ugly Ducklings - 10:30 Train
14.Plastic Cloud -Shadows of your mind
15. The Choir - It's Cold Outside
16. Nightcrawlers -Little Black Egg
17.Chocolate Watch Band - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
18. Marmalade -I See the Rain