Jan 9 08

An All Rare Canadian Content Special!

Check this show out for some ultra hard to find Canadian stuff from the 60's (except for the Capt Beefheart clip)


Perth County Conspiracy - Midnight Hour
Riverson - Stoney Day
R. Dean Taylor - Two of Us
It's All Meat - You Don't Notice the Time You Waste
Capt. Beefheart - Fast & Bulbous
Mashmakhan - The Little Prince
psychic rant about Kozmic Jim - LOL
Peppermint Rainbow - Green Tambourine
Lighthouse - Eight Miles High
Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - Somebody Think
Plastic CLoud - You Don't Care
Lorne Greene - Ringo - ( not too rare but I had to play it -LOL)
Jan& Lorraine - Snow Roses
Poppy Family - Shadows on my Wall
Tom Northcott - Suzanne
Please Feed the Animals - It's My Life
Windsor Tunnel - We Gotta Get Out of this Place
Guess Who - Use Your Imagination
Edward Bear - You can't Deny It
Kurt & Noah - A Month Today
A Passing Fancy - People In Me
Gruesomes - Thanks for Nothin'
Andy Kim promo
Lost Patrol - Commanche