jan 07 2011

Jan 07 2011

This show starts out ROCKIN' !!! with loads of rhytm and blues stuff from the 60s. Change of moods in the 2nd hour and I must point out a great discovery . Check out the EARTHEN VESSEL !!!! A true Psychedelic Masterpiece which just happens to be Christian Rock ! VERY RARE!!!

DALE HAWKINS - Backstreet
DEDIKATION - Barefootin'
TOM JONES - Dr. Love
DAVID BOWIE _ I Dig Everything
GRAHAM BOND _ Strut around
The ATTACK - Anymore Than I Do
John Mayall - Curly
Savoy Brown - Taste and Try before You Buy
Big Walter Horton - Blues in the Morning
Dave Clark Five - Best Day's Work
THE MYSTERIES Give me Rhythm & Blues
EIRE APPARENT Someone is sure to want you
David Lewis (from Andwella's Dream) Because of the Love you give ME
BILLY NICHOLLS (with the Small Faces) Daytime Girl
Bronco (feat Jess Roden) Civil of You Stranger
Blue Cheer The Highway Man
Medicine Head Back to the Wall
Dave Miller & Leith Corbett 353527 Charles
The Cleves Time Has Come
Tyrn Around Colour Your Mind
Ellison Winter Slutch
Erik You Said/But I've Got my Way
Complex Self Declaration
Earthen Vessel Life Everlasting ***** check this band out!!!!
Coming Home
Electric Amish Big Ol' Horse und Buggy
Bob & Tom Animal Walks into a bar
Dennis Coffey Garden of the Moon
Paladin Third World II