Jan 05 2006

first hour is a fill in for Dadmobile Radio- fooling around a bit-
2nd hour is a lot tighter and was wa basically what I was prepared to play
except for 2 requests
-am having a few static problems with my new antenna-might have to
go back to the cable feed again which will result in a sound loss-am
working on a solution-stay tuned- static is only on a few songs in the
first hour

First Hour

1. Iron Butterfly - Iron Butterfly Theme
2. Deep Purple - One more Rainy Day
3. Captain Beyond-Dancing madly backwards,Arnworth , Myopic Void
4. Big Bob & the Dollars-Gordie Howe
5. Doug Rankine & the Secrets- Clear the Track (Here comes Shack)
6.Epsilon - Everybody's Pain -exc German prog
7. Frame - Frame of Mind - "
8. Paul Revere - Moreen
9. Troggs - Purple Shades
10. Sounds like us- Clock on the wall
11. Dave Meyers & the Disciples-Come on Luv
12. July - the way
13. Brian Poole & the Tremeloes - I want candy
14.Ballroom -Baby Please Don't Go
15.Lancelot Link & the Evolution - Teaser

2nd Hour

1. John Kay & the Sparrow -Green Bottle Lover
2. Eastern Passage - I'm so glad
3.James & the Good Bros. -Talk about the good times
4. Three's a Crowd - I don't wanna drive you away
5. Pepper Tree - Yellow Man
6. Please Feed the Animals -Still I'm Sad
7. Tramline - Rock and Roll Woman
8.The Beatmen - Now the Sun Has Gone *pick of the week
9. Jay & the Techniques - Ain't No Soul Left in these old shoes
10. Sir Latimore Brown - Shake and Vibrate
11. Etta James - Tighten up your own thing
12. Lester Young & the Californians -Funky Funky Horse
13. Monkees -Look Out ( Here comes Tomorrow) alt take
14. Tommy James - Ball and Chain
15. Tommy Roe - Little Miss Sunshine
16. Del Shannon - Raindrops
17. The Talismen- Masters of War
18. Dennis Wilson - Sound of Free
19. Swinging Blue Jeans - Do you Believe In Magic
20. Orphan Egg - Falling