Welcome to the New Year! Hope you had a good time!

Well tonight is special! We have a British Psychedelic show for you all! I haven't really done much in this vein for quite some time so I thought I would dedicate a whole show to it! I have been listening to an incredible show called Toffee Sunday Smash, I recommend this show to all my listeners.
Also my buddy Chris Abbott is leaving the station.He hosts an incredible show called Vive Le Underground. I thought I would include a snippet of his show which is right before mine so you could hear some of it. He has 2 shows left. Unfortunately nono are online. If you want to hear it live you have to tune in to CKMS FM live at 9 next wed night.
Last weeks show did not record properly so it wont be posted. Too bad, it was a great show with lots of call- ins.

Arzachel - Queen St. Gang
Bill Fay - Some Good Advice
Plastic Penny - Your way to tell me go
Sorrows - Any Old Road
Bystanders - Painting the Time
Chances Are - Fragile Child
July - Crying is for Writers
July - Dandelion Seeds
Accent - Red Sky at Night
Fairytale - Guess I Was dreaming
Fairytale - Lovely People
Fairytale - Listen to Mary Cry
Pudding - Magic Bus
Majority - Charlotte Rose
Paper Bubble - Being human being
Gun - Sunshine
Please - Steal Your Dreams
Gary Walker & Rain - Magazine Woman
Blonde on Blonde - All day , All Night
Chad & Jeremy - Painted Dayglow Smile
Wimple Winch - Lollipop Minds
Paul Ritchie & the Cryan Shames - Come on Back
Shy Limbs - Reputation
Hardin & York- Tomorrow Today