Feb 27 2008

A wide variety of tunes featuring some really neat records--only 5 of these tunes have I ever played before going back 24 yrs.
This show has a really good feel to it---ENJOY!!!!

Oh By the way -- I had a great Valentines Day show but the stupid computer in studio B crashed which is what I use to record off the boards!! So we didnt get it!!!

Curtis Mayfield - Check Out Your Mind
Del Vetts - Last Time Around
Christpher & Chaps - It's Alright Ma (Im Only Bleeding)
talk about Lenny Melnick
Rockin Ritchie Ray - Baseball Card Lover
Chaos Inc. - Daktari
Funkadelic - Alice in my Fantasies
Donovan - Happiness Runs
Section V - Pusher's Route
Country Joe & the Fish - Doctor of Electricity
McKenna Mendelson Mainline - I Think I'm Losing My Marbles
Murray MacLaughlin - Honky Red
Jeff Moore & Friends - Fly So High
The Who - Our love Was
Psychedelic Psnack feat Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida
Troubled Teens
Hall & Oates - Lady Rain
Bill Fay - Some Good Advice
Dick Dale
Better Beatles - Penny Lane
The Majority - Hard Day's Night
Buggs - Buggs vs. Beatles
Hubbells - Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man
Ice Cream - Chewin' Gum Kid
Chris Dreja
Easybeats - Pretty Girl
Art Freeman - Slippin Around With You
Bootiques - Did You Get Your Fun?