Feb 25 2012

We start off with one of the best tracks that I have never featured before, Wichita Falls by a Norwegian band , Neptune's Empire. Fantastic! Don't know why I had never listened to it before. There are lots of records in my collection that I bought and never had time to listen to and then were forgotten! LOL Then we go with two newer tracks by both Beatle drummers before I feature the first of two Nikki Sudden tracks on the show. Don't know how I never really listened to this guy before. I try to stay away from too much of that power pop era because everybody else plays it. But Stay Bruised is a newer one by him and is one of his best! A very emotional and truthful song. Followed by a beautiful rendition of Witchi Tai To by Harper's Bizarre. It seemed to flow together well.
Also we feature the unlikely combination of Daryl Hall and Robert Fripp and tell you the story behind this power pop record.
FINALLY ---I hope you get a kick out of my skipping records clip I made up. LOL- Commander John gets blamed for that one-haha

gettin' ya hip
Ian Paice
Neptune's Empire - Wichita Falls
Ringo Starr - In Liverpool
An exclusive promo from Pete Best for my show
Pete Best Band - Broken
Nikki Sudden - It's Gonna Be Alright
The Runaways - Cherry Bomb
Knights Bridge - Make Me Some Love
The Bad Seeds - A Taste of the Same
Tidal Waves - Actions ( Speak Louder than Words)
Beau Brummels - Just a little
Beau Brummels - Little Bird
Peter & Gordon - I Go to Pieces
Fuzztones - Set Me Straight
Sounds Unlimited - Why Doesn't She Believe Me
Tiffany & the Thoughts - Find Out What's Happening
Perth County Conspiracy - Easy Rider
Grateful Dead - Loser
Nikki Sudden - Stay Bruised
Harper's Bizarre - Witchi Tai To
Darryl Hall & Robert Fripp - You Burn Me Up , I'm A Cigarette
Notes From the Underground - Why Did You Put Me On?
Watermelon - You Got It
The Love Flowers - Nirvana
John & Philipa Cooper- The Mad Professor
Buzzard - Blurry Visions
Haphash & the Coloured Coat - Blue Narcissus
High Tide- Blankman Cries again
Cochise - Velvet Mountain
Aphrodites Child - Magic Mirror
Shame - Don't Go Away Little Girl
Herbie's People - Residential Area