Feb 23 06

1. Group Image - Banana Split
2.Mickey Dolenz - Sugar Mountain
3. Orphan Egg - Mourning Electra
4. Organ Grinders- Smile for the Sun
5. Grodeck Whipperjenny- Sitting on a tongue
6. Electric Prunes -I Happen to love you
7. Electric Toilet - Revelations
8.Nitro Function - (Billy Cox)- Powerhouse
9.Black Merda - Reality
10. Gas Mask - I'll go Blind
11 Central Nervous System- Sweet Hot Lucy
12.Gaturs - Cold Beer
13. Homer's Knods -Mr. Rainbow
14. Growing Concern - Sit Down I think I Love You
15. Cosmic Michael - Now that I found It
16. Budgie- Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand
17. Silver Metre -Clocklewood Monster
18.Orangutan- Chocolate Paino
19.Hard Stuff - Jay Time
20 Golden Earring- Eight Miles High
21. Them (In Reality lp 71)- Gloria and Baby Please Dont go
22.Mr. Albert Show- King Horse
23 The Crazy People(Bedlam) -Parade at the funny Farm
24 Cravinkel - Stoned
25 Greatest Show on Earth-Sunflower Morning
26 Country Weather- Time is Leaving Me Behind