Feb 20 2008

again an eclectic mix of sounds- some interesting comments - and listen for my Glenn Smith imitation right after Paul Butterfield-LOL - was surprised on listening back to this show how such an inpromptu thing came out so realistic- don't think I ever tried to inmitate him before but people who know Glenn will be amazed. Glenn is a local blues legend who promoted several blues shows throughout the years. And we grew up together. If you have time listen to our 4 hr show with Glenn back in Dec 2004. Go to the bottom of the archives. Quite a few interesting stories there on that show which will give you some insight on my background.

Gary Burton - Vibrafinger
story about PPUF -- short for Psych Peete's Underground freakout
Peter Kelley - All I Needed was Time
Dennis Coffey - Whole Lotta Love
Love & Rockets - Lucifer Sam
Love & Rockets - This Heaven
Pink Fairies - Right On , Fight On
Slade - Get down Get With It
Pacific Gas & Electric - Long Handled Shovel
Mod squad
Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Walking By Myself
Nathaniel Mayer
Spyder turner - Ride in my 225
Nay Dog again
Nat Mayer- Well I got News For You
Pretty Things - Can't Stand The Pain
Wild Angels
High Numbers -(pre Who)- Heart of stone - wasnt the Stones cover as I mentioned
Monterrey Pop clip feat the Who
Paupers - Magic People
Haystack Balboa - Auburn Queen
Tim Hardin - If I were a Carpenter - from Woodstock
Poco - First Love
Friends - You Need Friends