feb 11 2011

Feb 11 2011

A great 20 minute beginning without talking !! Unfortuneately the show is only an hour long because the recording stream cut out after an hour, so you are missing the last hour. But make sure you hear the James Hendricks track. Also I featured some more of the New York band , Man.

Ways & Means - Make the Radio Louder
The Sound Solution - Hide Your face in Shame
Smubbs - Drive-in-Movies
John fitch & Associates - Stoned out of it
Paul Nero- This is Soul
Oscar Hammond & the Majestics - Soul Finger
Billy Cox & Nitro Function - You Really Got Me
Man (from NY, not the Welsh band) - Brother John
Nick Drake - Northern Sky
Murray Head - Ruthie
James Hendricks - Ride em Cowboy
Ugly Ducklings - Postman's Fancy
Influence - Natural Impulse
Slade - C'mon C'mon
Danny & Jerry - We've Got a Groovy Thing Going
Electric Prunes - Luvin'
Freedom - Trying to get a glimpse of you