Feb 10 2005

a MAGICAL show- many people liked this one- lot of great classics!!!

Neil Macarthur- She's Not There ( Neil was really Colin BLumstone of the Zombies)
Zombies - Just out of reach - my fave Zombie tune!!
Batman promo
Jimmy Curtiss - Psychedelic Situations
101 Strings with (Animated Egg) - Flame - Out
Merry Go Round - Listen
Perth County Conspiracy- I spun You Out
Tim Hardin- Hang On To A Dream
Velvert Turner Group -3 o'clock Train
Seeds promo KRLA
We All Together -hey Revolution
West Coast - Will You Walk With me
Bill Fay -Screams in the Ears
Bit A Sweet - Out of Sight Out of Mind
Tommy and the True Blue Facts - I'm Back - (not black)