Feb 07 2007

An extremely interesting mix- worked hard on getting this together. I liked how
it came out even though I was distracted a bit in the studio and didn't get
everything on that I wanted. Hope you enjoy!
Hello to all NEW Listeners!!! I know there are lots of you because in the last month, the
online stats jumped from 5,300 to 6,700 per month. Spread the WORD!!!
See you at the College Street Freakout this Saturday!

Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill - Live till I die -'68
# Blast Furnace - Ginger Cake - '71 #
The Flowerz - Talkin about Love -'67
The Flowerz - Flyte
Underground Sunshine - All I Want Is You- 69
Soup Greens - Like A Rolling Stone- 66
Chesterfield Kings - Hey Little Bird -83
Watermelon Slim and Psychedelic Pete -harmonica duet promo-2006
Mind Garage - Dr. John -68
Dave Clark 5 - Good Lovin' *
Tol Puddle Martyrs - PsychOut U.S.A. -2007 *
shoutout to emailers
John E Sharpe & the Squires - Yours for Picking
The Gonks - Woman Yeah
Sonny Flaherty & the Mark V - Harmonica Man
CCR Grass Roots promo
Paul Brett's Sage - The Sun Died
Merry Go Round - Someone Died
Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band - Mrs. Lennon
Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine
talk about Terry Sylvester
Swinging Blue Jeans - Promise You'll Tell Her (apparently this wasnt Terry singing-oops)
Hollies - Gasoline Alley Bred - (this was Terry)
Bryan Hyland - Could You Dig It
Negative Space - Isolated Ivory Tower

*tracks sent in by listeners
#pick of the week