Dec 29 08

An excellent short little show which got cut off in the recording. But don't miss the killer Rick Nelson and Lorence Hud Tracks- probably you never heard these before - quite surprising! Also the Italian prog band is beutiful. I will try to get a better recording of the Saffron Sect doing the Strawberry Alarm Clock tune from Gaven Dianda who is the founder of the Saffron Sect. It is truly an amazing cover tune!

Rolling Stones - Why Don't We Sing This Song All Together
Beatles - Inner Light
Saffron Sect - Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow (turn it up- low volume)
Bob Dylan - I Want You
Rick Nelson - Let It Bring You Along
Lorence Hud - Sign of the Gypsy Queen (original) (Canadian)
Pete Best Band - Step Outside
I Bisonti - Dolce Amico Dei Fiori
Caravan - And I Wish I Were Stoned