Dec 09 08

Hope you enjoy the show- another good mix - found some killer tunes for you this week that Ive never played before

Pete Best Band - Come With Me
- Hayman's Green
Sands of Time - Red Light
Bob McFadden - Colonel Bogey March
Druids - Doctor Friend
Dedikation - Ruby Tuesday
XTC - Psychedelic Christmas
Kevin Ayres - Song for Insane Times
Gale Garnett with the Gentle Reign - Breaking Through
Tamburlaine - Saffron Lady
Blue Rondos - Baby I GO For YOu
Esquires - It's a Dirty Shame (Ottawa group 67)
Couriers - I Couldn't Care Less
Four Pros - Everybody's Got Some Soul
Quincy Conserve - Hallelujah
Fire Escape - 96 Tears
Canned Heat - Schlitz Commercial
Bystanders - Painting the Time
Chad & Jeremy - Summer Song
Larry Dale - Big Muddy
Peter Case
Big Boy Pete - All Down the Road
Jan Panter - Scratch My Back
Mike Proctor - Mr. Commuter
Khavas Jute - She's So Hard to SHake
Khan - Stranded