Dec 5 2007

This show features some bands never featured on my show before- check out Wakefield!
Also the Final Appearance of the Clock Fairy--hopefully she'll be back in the Spring- a picture of Steph is in my photo section of the website.
Also the recording cut out about 20 minutes early but was at the end so it doesnt affect what you are hearing

Phil Ochs- Outside A Small Circle of Friends
Les Sequelles promo
Orange Alabaster Mushroom promo
Village Callers - I dont need no Doctor
May 11 2007 - first 1090 Psychedelic Snack Feature- featuring Paul Revere - Satisfaction---sorry but my cd screwed up at the end
Wakefield - Bring it on
Peppermint Trolley - Beautiful Sun ---with a strange ending after the song
1910 Fruitgum Co. - Bingo, Bingo
1910 Fruitgum Co - Let's Do It Again
Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Loading Zone - Just cant please you
Black Gunn - movie promo
Temptations - Cloud Nine
Buddy Miles - Let Your Love Light Shine
The Lost - No Money In My Pocket
Gruesomes promo
Dick Dale promo
Bronco - Civil Of You Stranger
Bob Dylan - She Belongs To Me
P.F. Sloan - I Get Out of Breath
The FINAL Clock Fairy appearance!!!!!!!!!
The Preachers - The Zeke
Sacred Mushroom - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
The Misunderstood - Never Had a Girl Like You Before
Rory Gallagher and Taste - Blister On The Moon
show stopped recording here- faulty computer in Studio B--too bad - I had a blistering finish! O well