Aug 27 2010

We start out with a lively soul set to get your bones shakin' , then we start to trip out on some psychedelia followed by a story behind a song feature(Barbara Acklin) , then we do a sunshine pop set followed by lots of heavy rock , We end up with some British folk and 2 popular garage tunes. Something for everybody!

Ohio Express - Gimme Gimme

(soul set)
Billy Ball & the Upsetters - Tighten Up Tighter
Marvin L. Sims - Talkin' Bout Soul
Barry Jones - Let's Do the Funky Boogaloo
Baby Huey - Listen to Me

Beacon St. Union - Recitation
- My Love is
Eagle - Snake in the Grass
Big Brother & the Holding Company - Easy Rider
-Light is Faster than Sound

Morning Dew - Young Man
- Crusader's Smile
Jeff Beck - Morning Dew
Blast Furnace - This Time Of Year

Barbara Acklin - Am I the Same Girl

(Sunshine Pop set)
Millenium - I Just Want to be Your Friend
Ballroom - Spinning Spinning
- You Turn Mer Around

Josephus - Dead man
Baumstaum - On Tour
Mariani - Things are Changing

(British folk rock)
Blue Epitaph -When I'm Blind
McKendree Spring - Morning Glory

Spirit - Morning Will Come -(going out to Mad Mal who is recovering in hospital)

Moving Sidewalks -99th Floor (feat Billy Gibbons)
Them - Mystic Eyes (feat Van Morrison)