Aug 25 08

A really different show featuring mostly woman artists from the 1968 lp called Hippie Goddesses - I've Got What You Want .Featuring a topless seductress on the cover. SO enjoy this different approach on love and erotica, with a psychedelic twinge and hippie thought. One thing I should mention. Due to the late hours of the broadcast, and having been tuckered out by a very long baseball playoff game and not having any coffee on hand, well........I fell asleep toward the end of the show! LOL - o well - its only a little over an hour this week and missing a few tracks. What can I say?

Reta? - some funky erotic thing- not sure of the name or track title
Sally Eaton - Flowers in the air
Carolyn Hester- I'm Magic, Man
Tobie Columbus - Come in my mouth
Xaviera Hollander--The Hippie
Ruth Copeland - Your Love Been so good to me
Colleen Lovett - Asleep in his arms
Colleen Lovett - Love Man
Michele - Believe You
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
Country Joe & the Fish - Susan
Country Joe & the Fish - Away Bounce my Bubbles
Cheryl Dilcher - All Woman
Cheryl Dilcher - High
Colleen Lovett - Woman's Liberation Blues