Aug 24 06

All Canadian week (except one request)-featuring some extremely
rare Cancon. Listen up-enjoy

Perth County Conspiracy- Midnight Hour
Creamcheese Goodtime Band -Uncle Jed
ANdy Kim promo
Andy Kim - Sunshine
Amish - Wise Man
Cliff Belcher promo
Chains - Soulin'
Central Nervous System -Sweet Hot Lucy
Pepper Tree- Oh Yeah
Bruce Haack- Turn to me Electric
Bob King - Rockin' Jukebox
Mary Saxton - Losin' Control
R.Dean Taylor - Window Shopping
Ron Sexsmith promo
Ron Sexsmith - Raindrops in my Coffee
Flirting with Chocolate- Best Things
#Liverpool Scene- I got those Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, John Mayall can't fail Blues
Saffron Sect - Aquamarine Ink

#-only non Canadian track