Aug 22 07


Hi folks! Were back !! Problems in the studio kept me from recording some of my finest shows ever according to Brenda from New York, who is a regular listener online during the live show through the CKMS website. I dont know how she does it cause whenever I listen to CKMS online it cuts out after a half hour and takes a long time to rebuffer.
Anyway this show  was recorded at a high level and is a little distorted. Will remedy that next week.


The Woggles - Get Tough! -2005
The Woggles - Special Friend
The Midways - Just my kind--2006
The Boots- But you never do it babe-1966
Boots - Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Tol Puddle Martyrs - Time Will Come  - please email me for the video link-1967
Pookah - In a Field -1969
Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction of your mind - 1970
Swamp Dogg - These are Not My People
The Rebels - Call Me                                                                    -66-68?
Scots of St. James - Tic Toc
Bobcats - Can't see for Looking                                                        "
Jason Eddie & the Centremen - Watcha gonna Do Baby
High Numbers - Heart of stone                                                            "
Nick Drake - Time has Told Me
Byrds Promo
Byrds- Ballad of Easy Rider - 1969
Skip Battin - Ballad of Dick Clark -1973
Max Frost & the Troopers - 1967  -promo
Max Frost - Wild in the streets
Max frost - Fourteen or Fight
The Ruins - She Doesn't Understand
The Journey Back - Synthetic People
Sounds Synonymous -  Tension
Eyes of Dawn - Kaleidoscope
The Cyrkle - I wish you could be here
Cyrkle - Don't Cry, No Fears , No Tears
Wet Willie  - Keep On Smilin'
Mooney Suzuki - This Broke Heart Of Mine
Grand Funk  Railroad - Inside Lookin Out
Tapestry Garden - She Needs Love
Grains of Time - No Matter What They Say
8th Wonders of the World - Who Cares