Aug 18 08

A great mix of musical styles tonight. A lot of rare bands never played on this show before. This show also features the first Spotlight by Sox- a similar thing as to what I do on Oldies 1090- she chose a weird track called the Rubber Room- great song! As well there is a couple of songs going out to friends. Happy Birthday Karleen!

Ablution - Bluegaloo
A to Austr - Bird
Blues Dimension - Get Ready
Blues Dimension - Battlefield of Love
Commander Cody - promo
Commander Cody- Hot Rod Lincoln - live
Commander Cody - Seeds and Stems
Camel cigarettes- Sgt Bilko
Grateful Dead - You see a broken heart
Grateful Dead - Cream Puff War
Cuff Links - Tracy
The Mummy
The Original Dukes - -Aint about to lose my cool
Surrealistic Pillar - I Like Girls
Sox's Spotlight - Porter Wagoner - Rubber Room
Kim Fowley - Hound Dog Savage
Dudley Doright
Fractured Fairy Tale
Groundshaker - Got those Blues
Bob Desper - It's Too Late
The Amazing Colossal Man
Alacran - Sticky
Band of Light - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Big Foot - Music Maker
Georgie Fame - See- Saw
Vikings - Come on and love me
Blues x Five - I'm in love again
Gaunga Dins - No One Cares