Aug 17 06

This show is a real hoot- was fun to do!
Back from a tour in the States-was guest on 3 shows down there
-also got back in time for the local Blues Brews and Barbecues Festival-
hung out with Watermelon Slim and the Workers and the
Nay Dog (Nathaniel Mayer)
too bad I had such a crappy recorder- will get a new digital one-lol
-radio spots are rough quality

1 Watermelon Slim and Psychedelic Pete on harp
2 Watermelon Slim - Cynical Old Bastard
Slim promo
3 Steppenwolf - Chicken Hawk--said chicken wolf in show-was thinking steppenwolf i guess
4 Ultimate Spinach - Your head is reeling
5 Torquays - Harmonica Man
6 Nathaniel Mayer - Work it out
Nay Dog promo
7 Nathaniel Mayer - Satisfied Fool
8 Mandrill - Git it All
9 Rustix - Hey Mose
stories about trip to States
Gary Mitchell from Top Shelf talking
10 Sonny Bono - Laugh at me
11 New York Rock & Roll Ensemble -Faithful Friends (and Flattering Foes)
12 Orange Colored Sky - The Sun and I
13 Sons of Champlin - promos
14 Sons of Champlin -Don't Talk to strangers
15 Skip Battin - Ballad of Dick Clark
16 Shanti - We Want to be Free
17 Stepson - It's My Life