Aug 05 2011

Just tried to get in a lot of various songs and genres to mix it up. Most of the songs I have never played before .

Edgar Winter - Cool Fool
- Back in the U.S.A.
Johnny Winter - Let the Music Play
Mad Daddy radio spot
Space Negroes - Happening Ten Years Time Ago
Connexion -Pas Besoin de Personne - (no need for anyone) rare Canadian band from Quebec
Natural Born Hippies - Get it On (Bang A Gong)
The Outsiders- Bend Me, Shape Me
The Models - Bend Me, Shape Me
Larry Weiss - Evil Woman
Australian Doors Show - Stairway to Heaven
Meri Wilson - Telephone Man
Hello People - A Stranger at Her Door
Sonic Invasion - Go Out and Get Her
The Move - Wave Your Flag and Stop the Train
Les Hou-Lops - J'etude mon grec
Bobby Bloom- Heavy Makes You Happy
Sweet Bippies - Bubblegum Music
Tricycle - Mr. Henry's Lollipop Shop
Badesalz - Bubblegum Time
Ravi Shankar - radio spot
Fifth Eastate - No. 1 hippie on the Village Scene
S.S.- 20 - Arnold Layne
The Heads - Land of the Stoned Soul
Buchanan & Goodman - The Flying Saucer
Standarte - Dream Love Sequence No. 9
Samadhi - Un Uomo Stanco
Cowboy - Use Your situation