Aug 3 06

2 hour show - no show next week since i am in the States
I will be broadcasting on Top Shelf Oldies on Monday night
in Washington with Gary Mitchell and Lee Michael Demsey.
Also will make an appearance Satuday night on the Dave the Rave
show out of New Jersey.
* note- last week I was on the top rated show in Greece. My friend
and fellow DJ Peter Pollatos, a programmer since the 60's has a
Friday night show in Athens on 94 FM- He played clips of my show over
there for about 40 minutes out of his 3 hr show- He had over 150 calls
and his secretary wouldnt take any more- she was going nuts- LOL
I guess they were wondering why the station doesnt play more stuff
in the psychedelic/garage vein, instead of their normal playlist.
Anyway they loved me over there. I noticed a big spike in my web stats
too. So WELCOME all you people from Greece!

Stooges- 1969
start of show- (Dj Mellow left early)
Stooges- Real Cool Time
Mod-Est Lads - Trouser Load of Love
Donovan - Sunny South Kensington
Chicago Loop - When My Baby Comes To Me
Bocky & the Visions- Good Good Lovin'
The Dragons - Heart Transplantations
Novak's Kapelle - Doin that rhythm thing
What Nots - I aint dead yet
AL Kooper - Buckskin Boy
British Roadrunners - Elevator Man
Guess Who- Pink Wine Sparkles in the glass
Alice Cooper - anti drug spot
Chicago -It Better End Soon
Soul Brothers Six- You Better Check Yourself
Phil Flowers - One More Hurt
Dennis Coffey - Iceberg's Thang
Puzzle - Got My Head Right Yesterday (Dial a Blessing)
Savoy Brown - I'll Make Everything Allright
Andy Kim - Love that Pretty Woman
Kazenetz Katz Fighter Squadron - Pickin' Up Sticks
Thee Prophets - Magic Island
I.D. Company - I watched the Women
Onion News- Area Stoner
Daddy Dewdrop - Fox Huntin'
French Revolution - Nine till Five
Mantis - Fred
Chris Farlowe - Everyone Makes a Mistake
The Hounds- Office Girl
The Galaxies - Hey!
The Galaxies- I'm Not Talkin'
Kathy & Gulliver - Sixteen Dandelions
DC5 -Thinkin of you Baby
Nazis From Mars - I wanna be Sedated
Henry Dennison Jr. - Chickie Run
Teenage Head - Picture My Face