Apr 30 2008

Hi folks! Today we are commemorating the death of Dr. Albert Hoffman, creator of LSD.
So mostly psych tunes.
Also 2 songs from an obsure British group, Tin House from 1971. Enjoy!!!


Mothers of Invention - Are You Hung Up?
-Flower Punk
Tin House - I want Your Body
Eric Burdon & the Animals - Gratefully Dead
Lyrics - So What?
Music Machine- You'll Love Me Again
Doug Rhodes promo
Fugs - Turn on, Tune In , Drop Out
Ultimate spinach - Visoins of your Reality
Sleepy - Rosie Can't Fly
Canned Heat - Lsd Boogie
WGPC Bob Howard - Magic Carpet Ride show- Poetry
Mirage - Tomorrow Never Knows
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Electric Prunes - Get Me To The World On Time
Chris Dreja promo
Neil - Hole in my Shoe
Velvet Fogg - Plastic Man
Alan David - Flower Power
Tin House - Endamus Finallamus
Deejays - Blackeyed Woman
Answers - It's Just a Fear
Force Five - Yeah I'm Waiting
Buzz - You're Holding Me Down
Don't Forget to Boogie (Canned Heat)