April 25 07

Ok back to normal 1and 1/2 hour shows. I seem to do a better job on these ones.
I was a little pumped up at the beginning of the show, just like old times. My friend Stephanie
was in the studio with me as well so I feed off the energy there. And guys! Stop calling to talk
to Steph! LOL
I am doing a mini concert at the Boathouse this week along with a few singer songwriters and Ray Materick will be performing at night. You dont want to miss this extraordinary songster! A true Canadian folk hero.I forgot to bring his stuff to play. Will get some on next week.
Well hope you enjoy this show. I have a few surprises in it for you people. Thanks for listening!

Lyres - She Pays The Rent
rant with Stephanie
The Rising Storm - She Loved Me
my concert promo at the Boathouse- Harp Broken Pete
Jimmy Curtiss - Psychedelic Situations
Zager & Evans - Cary Lynn Javes
Tamburlaine - Saffron Lady
Chris Dreja from the Yardbirds
Kaleidoscope - Beacon From Mars (live)
Pastor John - Search It Out
The Counts - What's Up Front That Counts
3 Tough guys
Checkerlads - Shake Yourself Down
Painted Ship - Audience Reflections
Stitch In Tyme - Got to Get You Into My Life
Merrell Fankhauser - Your Painted Lives
Kevin Vicalvi - Lover Now Alone
Zombies - You Make Me Feel Good
Luther Grosvenor - Love The Way
Ken Nordine - What Time Is It?
Chicago Transit Authority - Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?
Kali Bahlu - Cosmic telephone Call
closing rant