Apr 22,23 2011

We had a blast doing this one! none of the show was planned in any way. I just grabbed a bunch of cds that I hadnt pulled
out in years and began to blindly choose tracks off of them. It worked out great!! Listen for yourself!! If you love Prog Rock
you will really dig this show

The Dog that Bit People - The Monkey and the Sailor
Genesis - Entangled
The Dog That Bit People - Goodbye Country
Fuzzy Duck - Just Look Around You
N.S.U. - You Can't Take It From My Heart
Epsilon - I've Been Movin'
Freedom - Together
Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty
Eduardo Bort - Walking on the Grass
Jose Cid - Mellotron o planeto fantastico
Gravy Train - Can Anybody Hear Me?
Finch - A Bridge To ALICE
Frumpy - Good Winds
Burning Red Ivanhoe - Avez-vous Kaskelainen?
Bachdenkel -Strangerstill
Fresh Maggots - Frustration
Emerson Lake & Palmer - The Barbarian