Apr 21 2012

We start out with an interesting cover of Dance to the music by Keef Hartley. Then we celebrate Cosmic Jim's 25th anniversary of listening to my show. We also take care of more requests and do a tribute to Levon Helm. I also play what has become my favourite byrds song- Chestnut Mare-a beautiful song about a man and his horse wife--LOL. And to end it all a rare single byBritish band, Geranium Pond and an unknown US psych band , Puff.

Dick Dale
Keef Hartley- Dance tp the Music
Adventures in Plasticland promo
Man - Bananas
Daddy Dewdrop - John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
Satin Whale - I Often Wondered
Khan - stranded(effervescent psychonovelty no. 5)
Renaissance - Innocence
Audience - heaven Was An Island
Sky Sunlight saxon - Return of the Sixties
Improved Sound Ltd. - Dr. Bob Dylan
Tremeloes - Let Your hair Hang Down
original Dukes- Ain't about to lose my cool
Surrealistic Pillar - I like girls
Howlin' Wolf - Spoonful
Rolling Stones - dead Flowers
Byrds - Chestnut Mare
Rick Nelson - Are You Really Real? Aztec Two-Step - Cockroach Cacophony
The Band - Rockin' Chair
Geranium Pond - Dogs in baskets
---No Elephants in my garden
Puff - Of not being able to go to sleep
Beatles - The End