April 18 2007

Strawbs Special Promo for upcoming concert in K-W at the Centre in the Square on July 5

co hosted by John Connelly

Anyone wishing to see this show should email me at psychopete@rogers.com
We would like to see as many Strawbs fans as possible at the show.
Oh and dont miss the funny comments at the end of the show with Nadim- next week hopefully we are featuring Nadim's new concept at the end of the show- its called Boga - a pseudo Yoga -its quite funny!
On another note, I was so afraid to record at the levels I normally record at for fear of distortion (like the show we lost 2 weeks ago), that you might have to crank your speakers up for this show- its at a much lower volume than other ones.

Play List

Rory Gallagher - It Takes Time

Strawbs - Ten Commandments
Cold Steel
Tell Me What You See In Me
funny talk with John
To Be Free
New World
The Weary Song
I Turn My Face Into the Wind
Two Weeks Last Summer -Dave Cousins
Blue Angel - Dave Cousins
Midnight Sun
Out in the Cold
Round & Round
The Shepherd Song
The River
Down By the Sea
Side 1 - Grave New World - see below
1. Benedictus
2. Hey Little Man (Thursday's Child)
3. Queen of Dreams
4. Heavy Disguise
5. New World
Hey Little Man ( Wednesday's Child)

Donovan - Life is a Merry Go Round
Pied Piper Promo
Johnny Rivers - Live at the Whiskey a go go--John lee Hooker medley
talk with Nadim - always good for a few laughs- especially off air--LOL